Getting To Know Mom

In my book, Make Mom Happy by Mail, I focus on things that could be sent by mail to brighten the day of a loved one.  But, starting with idea #4 below, you’ll see suggestions of other things you could do to make life a little easier or a little more enjoyable for the one you love, especially if you can’t always be there in person.  My family particularly enjoyed the Golden Access Passport (tip #4) which allowed my mom, aunt and older cousins to have unlimited visits to the wonderful National parks in Arkansas.  It’s a lifetime pass for all U.S. National parks for an unbelievably low price! 

10 Terrific Ideas for Mom

  1. Order flowers to be delivered
  2. Order gardening supplies, including amazing self-watering flower pots
  3. Order gift baskets of Ghirardelli chocolates and other beautifully packaged treats
  4. Buy a Golden Access Passport, a lifetime pass to all U.S. National parks for $10.  Call 1-888-go-parks for information.
  5. Order a copy of the local phone book in your mom’s town and call to order local surprises like a delivered meal from a favorite restaurant, a cleaning person or a taxi service.
  6. A call to the local utility company will allow you to prepay a bill for a month or a year if you think that would be a nice surprise.
  7. Use the phone book or the web to find the local Senior Center.  Call for information and pass it on to Mom.
  8. Establish a family website if Mom or Dad has computer access.
  9. If there’s no computer access, contact, a lovely company established by a young man who missed day to day contact with his grandmother.  They will give you an e-mail address for all family members to use.  Once a week, all messages will be printed on sunny yellow paper and sent to Mom, or Grandmother, or Dad by US mail.
  10. Establish a book club of two.  Read a book, send it to Mom or Dad and discuss.

Two books to help you:

Be well and bring joy!